Why is now the time to build a top-notch pitch deck and financial model?

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Why is now the time to build a top-notch pitch deck and financial model?
March 30, 2020

Slidebean has come in contact with over 30,000 startup investor deck designs. Either created through our presentation design platform, using Slidebean AI or through our consulting services, we've pitched that much. So we think there's something we can share about investor decks and financial models during these trialing COVID-19 times and beyond. We'll start with why now is the time to build a top-notch pitch deck and financial model. 

Stick with us to learn why investor decks are currently critical. We'll also cover how financial models are crucial today. So let's go over a brief definition of financial models so that we're all on the same page. 

What's a financial model?

A financial model is a prediction of your company growth and burn-rate. What it does is translate your past and present financial data into a dynamic model. 

Why are financial models relevant through COVID-19?

As volatile as matters are during our current global pandemic, we know they will eventually settle. First, businesses can't come out with late-stage fundraising during these times. So the best course of action is to set different milestones. We need to be strategic! 

Part of the above includes establishing different phases to get to a close, for example. Startups are mainly hoping for the first stage of that closing to then haul over a prolonged process. Be patient as these steps will naturally take longer to finalize.

With public markets down and the words "largest outbreak" being the reference point for today's global economic reports, businesses need cash flow, indeed. 

One thing about which we can certainly be hopeful is that the market will eventually recover. And it's because of this why now is the time to build a top-notch pitch deck and financial model. It's time to get ready! Simple as that. So let's get to more data!

What happens if a startup's in an early stage?

We hear you. And you probably want to know what you can do about it and what you can expect out of all of this, right? 

Well, there are also reasons why now is the time to build a top-notch pitch deck and financial model even if your startup is in its early stages. 

First, acknowledge the nervousness floating around in the market right now. Most investors don't want to pull the trigger on any significant action. However, that also means that investors' prior relations to any substantial funding opportunities might become a priority and reactivate. 

We know; meeting investors right now through screens is hard. But that's all the more reason for you to prep ideally. The goal is for you to come out of this crisis more direct about your business offer and the perfect team you have. That new material should inspire new rounds in the coming future. 

Whenever business reactivates, as usual, VCs and any potential business partners will want to see high-quality presentations and even more excelling virtual material than before. Think about it; the way we're moving to virtual reality today to withstand a long-term health crisis gives potential investors the current and future advantage of being very selective. That immediately pushes us to a need to bring our online business presentations to an even higher level of quality to make it to top of the line. 

In doing so, you can't just leave any COVID-19 considerations out of your business equation. On the contrary, work on how this pandemic affects and will impact businesses, their offer, and the market. And please don't only consider that in the immediate term but also in the short and long run. 

Financial models were already the most visited go-to-slide for investors, according to a Harvard Business School Study before this pandemic hit us. Financial analyses that consider our current market fluctuation will now become compulsory. 

Can someone do this for me?

So far, we've established how critical it is for your company and potential investors for you to have a reliable financial model. And that task can be an extremely complex one if you don't know how to translate your past and present financial data into a dynamic model. 

The good news is that we can undoubtedly help craft one for your business. Yet, we should be clear about how we only get involved with financial models in industries and with business models in which we feel we have enough expertise. And it would be great for anyone offering you a similar service work to under the same pretenses. 

With over 250 projects in the last 12 months alone and more than 25,000 pitch decks created with our help, all of our pitch deck consulting services start with a clear strategy defined in liaison with our CEO, Caya. 

As the introductory text about him mentions on our website, Caya has "worked directly with over one thousand Slidebean customers to assist with their pitch deck writing and design." He's also "been running tech startups since 2011, which earned him recognition as a '40-under-40', plus being a guest speaker in over a dozen startup and tech conferences around the world, including TEDx." 

What makes Caya great for this initial step is his long trajectory working with startups. He also has a background "leading and growing a company to raising capital and participating in accelerator programs such as 500 Startups and Dreamit Ventures."

But we don't mean this section to lead you to what we do. Use it to compare what you should be getting from anyone's help when it comes to building the perfect pitch deck. 

In our understanding of this business need, once you're off the call with Caya (or anyone else providing you with the service), you'll have briefed your makers about your business. That should include discussing the ideal angle for your business story. We defined a bit of this through the five common questions about presentation design companies - and their answers that we shared a little while ago, in case you're interested. 

But, anyhow, we then move your pitch deck project over to our team of writers. So, also make sure you're not dealing with a single individual on this need. With us, experienced business analysts across multiple industries work under our CEO's directive to condense your business data into a winning pitch deck. That's the only way to do it correctly.

Easy access to information

We do all of the above on a shared document. That helps us move the deck's outline along in good speed. So much so that our first draft commitment generally comes through to you in 3 business days, and revisions happen within the scope of 24 hours. Wherever you go, ask for timeframes for delivery. Those help back you up.

As the last step to our pitch deck consulting process, the design team takes over. For that, we again have a briefing over a short call with you. We then go by your company brand book and work at creating a customized investor deck design that reflects your company identity with your established branding. What's the point of creating a perfect pitch deck if it doesn't speak of your company branding? Don't go for anything different. 

Our promise is for our design team to deliver your slides within 3-4 business days. Other offers in the market range differently in that aspect. And the above job comes with two rounds of revisions, just to make sure you also think that your slides are just perfect! 

If you're hiring outside of us, please make sure you get reviews as a compulsory need of being in this business. You need to make sure you like what you get, and that you can have an ultimate and very valid say in what ends up happening.

Care to know about our pricing? Anyone typically would, no? There's a whole world of differences in this market in regards to fees. With three different package offers, we make sure there's something to fit different entrepreneur and startup budgets. Give our options a check!

Learn more about financial models

‍If you'd otherwise like to learn more about financial models, check out Caya in the video below, as he discloses Slidebean's Startup Financial Model over a 10-minute video. In it, he gives out Slidebean's numbers and figures for a given stage in our business trajectory. He doesn't only cover how a financial model works and how a startup distributes expenses but also how much money is required to get a company off the ground. He also threw in a reality check on the struggles you must endure as you start your first company. If you're just starting a business, we recommend you give it a go!

Why is now the time to build a top-notch pitch deck and financial model?
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