Pitch Deck Writer Services and why you need them

May 4, 2021

If you could read all the signs that make up a great pitch deck writer, wouldn’t your startup or starting business just kill the next board or investor meeting? Learning how to discern at least 3 signs of a great pitch deck writer can help starting business fundraising decisions like there’s no tomorrow. And because of that, we’re here to give you every bit of what you need to know about choosing the greatest pitch deck writer in the industry. First, what’s a pitch deck writer, anyways?

What’s a pitch deck writer?

A pitch deck writer is a person who writes a pitch deck. Simple as that. Yet, by writing, we don’t just mean coming up with the text that goes in a pitch deck. On the contrary, pitch deck writing calls for a whole assembly of every pitch deck slide in ways that exceed what’s seen in text. 

From the order in which we present every single slide to a fully coherent and excelling presentation, coming up with a winning pitch deck calls for great choices. Sometimes those have to do with images, graphs, branding, or so much more! A fantastic pitch deck writer knows this, of course. And that person should be able to discern what should go on a slide and what should be conveyed verbally, for example. They can think of visuals or demos and other products or items to be shown in person. The overall mastery of a great pitch deck writer is knowing how to come up with the final presentation that sells. 

While these tools aren’t only used for sales, we mean great pitch deck writers can get their audience to accept a presented offer. Or at least continue conversations in the desired direction. And they do so through all of the means at their disposal. 

But, what’s a pitch deck?

Aha! Great question! To understand pitch deck writing, it’d be, of course, helpful to fully comprehend what makes up a (not just average, but moreover great) pitch deck. 

We’ve certainly gone over this a thousand times in the past. Because a successful pitch deck isn’t created overnight. Though it can be. You see, pitch decks are simply a part of our bread and butter. As our CEO mentions in an article below, “A pitch deck is usually a 10-20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan, and your startup vision.”

As promised, we’re leaving you with a much more thorough read on pitch decks. And we’ll also give a few pitch deck examples from successful startups (such as Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook) if you want to take a look. 

Feeling like you’d still like to know more about what makes a great pitch deck? We’ve thought of that and will gladly point you over to our best reading about pitch deck outlines. It gives you what to include in a startup pitch deck in about 6 minutes. 

When do I need a pitch deck?

Your business or your personal life can call for a pitch deck in a wide range of scenarios. Most commonly, however, you’d need a pitch deck when you’re trying to get funded or even just a meeting with a new investor. Or when you’re in an accelerator program’s demo day, for instance, in which case you’d be presenting it in front of a stage. 

Either case would serve the same purpose. We seek to draw investors to our business, whether for funding or other stakeholder interests that can mean tons of financial or business opportunities for a company. 

How much does a pitch deck cost?

A pitch deck can vary in price. However, winning pitch decks by excelling writers tend to go for a decent range in pricing. Those should also speak of a high level of expertise and knowledge on this document’s vitality for a company’s starting success. 

At Slidebean, for instance, where an entire agency takes care of writing, designing, and modeling, writing and designing a new pitch deck starts at $1,799 at the time of this publication. Those come with up to 5 rounds of revisions on deck content and 3 rounds on deck design. 

Redesigning an existing deck, however, can go for as low as $29/slide. Yes, needs and pricing can be as variable as that. So does quality. So look out for the best of them!

What makes an excellent pitch deck writer

And now, for the 3 signs of a great pitch deck writer to help you with that, we’ll work on what exactly it is that makes up an amazing writer in this field over any other. 

#1. Expertise

Believe it or not, it truly helps to know the people writing a deck have successfully overcome the diverse demands and challenges that make up a winning one. So, the first sign of a great writer is a prior success. While not mandatory, it’s a sign, and those are all we’re looking for at the moment. 

In Slidebean’s case, we know we’ve raised funds successfully multiple times to a profitable and growing operation. We’ve been involved in the investor deck design of over 30,000 startups, and in 2020 companies raised $50+million in funds. Our entire business is centered around the best business presentation software! 

Whatever you do, seek comparable experience at a minimum. Doing business, sure, but also putting decks together. 

#2. Concision

Great pitch deck writers know how to get and drive audiences straight to the point. Judge these slides by their length in content, too. Because loading slides with more than a person can read over a presentation (let alone in an auditorium full of people) might not be the perfect sign. Especially not towards achieving much-need concision to demonstrate mastery in any given subject. 

Seek the concise, those who can fit attractive and compelling information in less. Those who know how not to overextend are valuable success seekers for pitch deck writing. 

#3. Mastering the flow

Ultimately, look for talent in mastering a pitch from start to finish. From initial storytelling to putting slides in the ideal order, what goes and what’s left out of a pitch deck presentation are choices to be made with knowing expertise. 

Get someone who knows how to follow the ideal structure applicable to every specific deck. Every single one calls for different needs. And get someone who can do so in a way that catches, motivates, and keeps target audiences engaged. They need to do so throughout an entire presentation (however long it needs to be) for an overall pitch deck success.

How do you hire a pitch deck writer?

Want to get a pitch deck writer to help right now? How about having the best team to back up any pitch deck writing needs within a click? Slidebean’s Consulting and Design Services are here to help. 

Should you wish to shop around, also, we suggest any browser to look for pitch deck writers, particularly. Start a process of due research to find the appropriate person within your planned budget. Get people to show how they’ve got just about everything we’ve highlighted here on pitch deck writers, and hopefully so much more!

Start your Pitch Deck

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