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We have 100+ pitch deck templates for small businesses and startups, from fundraising pitch decks to investor updates.

Our templates are not just designed slides, they provide you with an outline and a structure you can follow to create a compelling deck.


Airbnb's original pitch deck template

This is the presentation that Airbnb used back in 2009 to raise their first $600,000 round.

It's become a reference for startups worldwide because of it's simple, straightforward approach to the business model and market potential.


more templates

Startup pitch deck template cover
Youtube pitch deck template
Facebook Pitch Deck Template
buffer pitch deck template
Consulting with Experts

Our investor pitch deck design service

We have a team of talented business analysts with an expertise across multiple industries.

With Caya's guidelines, they'll work on condensing your information into a powerful pitch deck. This phase of the project is handled on a shared, live document, which allows us to quickly iterate on the outline of the deck.

A first draft is usually delivered in 3 business days, and revisions are delivered within 24 hours.


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We have helped over 30,000+ startups with their pitch decks

What is an investor Pitch Deck?

An Investor deck is usually a 10-20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision.

What should be in a investor deck?

Having a good grip at an investor pitch deck s a definite advantage in the way we deliver pitches during business funding rounds. For this article, we will not even make you read long. Catch our recap of what slides to include in your upcomingfor your busess presentation next.

Suggested slides to Include in an Investor Pitch Deck:

  1. Cover
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Product
  5. Market Size
  6. Business Model
  7. Competition
  8. Go-To-Market Plan
  9. Founding Team
  10. Traction
  11. Fundraising
Choosing the best pitch deck template

We’re looking here at a matter of filtering. There’s a difference between pitch decks to raise money and those that don’t look for any funding. Your goals and needs have to be clear from the get-go to choose the right template.

If raising money is your case, the means through which you’ll do that will determine your best pitch deck selection.

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